PITT/CMU Colloquium: Or Hen (MIT)

October 18, 2021 - 3:30pm

From Quarks to Nuclei: Unveiling Universalities in Strongly Interacting Many-Body Systems

From superconductors to atomic nuclei strongly-interacting many-body systems are ubiquitous in nature. Understanding the relation between the macroscopic properties of such systems and the microscopic particle interactions driving them is an outstanding challenge with wide ranging implications. In this talk I will present results from new studies of correlations between nucleons in atomic nuclei that lead to an emergent universality of strongly interacting systems from dilute atomic gases to neutron stars spanning over 23 orders of magnitude in density and interaction scales. I will discuss the impact of these discoveries on our understanding of the properties of neutron rich nuclei and neutron stars the core of the strong nuclear interaction and the quark-gluon structure of bound nucleons and symmetry breaking mechanisms in QCD.

Location and Address

This event is both in-person at 7316 Wean Hall and remote via Zoom.

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